Skill Building Through Goal Setting

Once again I am writing this post from a position of backtracking on something I posted earlier. I am living on the land I talked about and I did not go ahead and move to the town I am currently working in. For one, I don’t really like living in the town I teach in. It is too stifling and worrying about people watching my every move is not appealing at all. Not that I am a terrible person outside work, but being able to sit in my own yard and kick back however I choose is wonderful. I am literally in the woods and secluded. Secondly, rent in this town is outrageous. It is a lake town, and even though it is a “delta” town and is dying a slow death economically, people believe they can charge huge prices for being near a naturally made lake. I am not giving all of my money for rent when a house sits here with no payment and no rent.

There, now I can move on to the more important parts of this post. I talked about setting goals, long and short term, for getting ready to homestead.

Now that I am actually on the land instead of just dreaming about it, I haven’t done as much as I would have liked at this stage. I have been so wrapped up in teaching that I have ignored my own personal goals. I really am considering leaving the teaching profession for something a little more accommodating to the way I want to homestead. Finding good paying jobs here is so difficult though without knowing someone already on the job that can pull some strings. The only thing that I can look forward to is summer when I don’t teach. I say this because during the year I seem to be so consumed with teaching. Anyone who teaches knows exactly what I am talking about. However, I have changed some things in the classroom that allows for more student-centered teaching and this has really saved me mentally and physically. It is a professional goal I have been working on for the past three  months.

From this point on I am focusing on getting one of my first personal short-term goals accomplished which is building a greenhouse for seedlings and getting the ground ready for planting a garden. I have already ordered heirloom seed from a grower in my area of the country. I cannot stress enough about the importance of obtaining seed and plants from the area that any home gardener lives in. This ensures that the plants come from a comparable climate in which to grow. It is much more difficult to have success if ordering seed from the Northeast when living in the Southwest. Two totally different climates that will stress the plants.

My parting advice on this is to research the nurseries in the area and see where they get their plants if they don’t grow them and to also research the seed companies closest to home before blindly ordering from a company 1000 miles away. Now is the time to prepare for getting that garden growing.

Until next time,

Down Home Honey


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