In The Beginning…

In The Beginning…This is a day I never thought I, personally, would ever see. I could never see myself sharing anything personal on the web. Sure, it is the “thing” today to post everything about one’s life, however innocuous, for all the world to see. And for a person who craves privacy and invisibility this undertaking feels daunting.

For some reason, though, I feel like this next journey in my life deserves to be shared with others. I have decided to move back to the place of my beginning to start a new chapter in life. This decision came after spending about a year and a half in an urban environment where I taught in an urban school system. All the thoughts I had about moving to a larger city have been replaced with getting back to my roots in the rural community where I grew up.

This decision did stem from my experience in this town I am leaving behind. Even though the population is only about 60,000 people, not even close to a sprawling metropolis, the gang violence, violence against women, constant sirens blaring, and just downright overall crime centered around drug use and trafficking is something to be left behind for good.

Why share this with everyone else? After all, I am just moving back home, something people do every day. I don’t think I am more important or even more interesting than the next person. However, the project I am about to undertake could be important to anyone wanting to become self-sufficient and starting out with basically nothing but land and a dream.

That doesn’t mean I am starting out with no skills. I grew up in a rural setting. Naturally, I have a skill set to build upon. But, anyone wanting to embark on this journey is willing to come along for the ride. In this blog, I will be sharing my journey and showing how to build up your homesteading ability even if you are starting from the beginning like me.

I can’t say it will be perfect, and there will be much trial and error as I build my skill set and build up a homestead from scratch. But, the goal here is to document as much as possible to show that anyone can start from the beginning and be successful in self-reliance.

In my next post, I will be outlining all the skills I already have and list ones that will be needed along the way in order for my homestead to be successful.

Until then, 

Down Home Honey


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